Pod 30 Series Mixing Guide

After the huge success of Pod 100 series, a brand which we will be building on over time and adding more outstanding flavours to, we decided it was time to drop the next chapter of Pod. 

Pod 30 Series comes in a 30ml unicorn bottle with 10ml of your chosen flavour concentrate.

By simply adding 2 x 10ml nicotine shots of your choice you get the option of creating a freebase or salt as always but with a lot more scope to the outcome of the nicotine level. For example:

2 x 10mg shots will give you a final ratio of 6.66mg of nicotine
2 x 15mg shots will give you a final ratio of 10mg of nicotine (usually the preferred strength)
2 x 20mg shots will give you a final ratio of 13.33mg of nicotine and is the highest you can achieve with the Pod 30 Series using nicotine shots.
The simplest way to work out what your final product nicotine will be is to add the total number of milligrams contained in your shots. Example:
2 x 15mg shots total 30mg, then divide this by 3 and it will give you the final nicotine ratio over the 30mls of e-liquid in your Pod 30 Series.
This method will work for any strength of nicotine shot, so even if you add 1 x 9mg and 1 x 18 for example it would work out to 9 + 18 ÷ 3 = 9mg.  Simple!

Plus you have the added bonus of not only freebase and salt but also ICE shots! 

That’s ‘Pod Power!’