What is the BEST starter kit?

What is the BEST starter kit?

Here's a question we get asked all the time. Whilst we all have our individual favourites (for many different reasons), the only person who can decide what the best starter kit is YOU.

We're on hand to offer advice to help you pick your new favourite starter kit, and we can offer immediate support in getting your shiny new vape set up and ready to go!

With that said, here's some firm favourites here at The Ace of Vapez (in no particular order).

The Aspire Pockex Starter Pen:

You know how when folks look through 'rose tinted glasses' and are of the impression that 'the good old days' were the best? Well nostalgia aside, there's a reason why the Aspire Pockex Kit is still around and still our best selling starter kit, despite launching way back in 2016 when the vaping industry was nowhere near the giant it is now.

This device is robust, long lasting, VERY simple to use and provides excellent flavour across all 50/50 freebase or nic salt e-liquids. It also boasts a solid 1500mAh battery which, when you consider the coils used - this provides at least 24 hours battery life before needing charging again.

Featuring a number of stylish colours, this was a device set for stardom the second it was released.

The Aspire Zelos 2 kit:

Many would consider the original Zelos kit to be the perfect starter kit (and many of our staff are of these people) - Aspire have done something special here, and updated the Nautilus Tank with the all new Nautilus 2s. With this tank comes unbridled flavour, long lasting coils and a leak free top fill design.

Now the real reason this kit is in this list - the battery life.

Considering the aforementioned Pockex Kit boasts a 1500mAh battery, the Zelos stands head and shoulders over this, with an incredible 2500mAh battery. There is a slight trade off, as this is not a 'pen style' device, but this is still very pocketable and certainly nowhere near the size of previous starter kits (such as the now extinct innokin itaste VTR kit.. You could power your house on that)

In addition to the huge battery, you now have the option to adjust your wattage. We consider this a tidy gateway into the fabulous world of sub ohm vaping (more on that in our next blog).

With adjustable wattage comes great responsibility. You're free to adjust your wattage so high that you can burn your coil out immediately (50 watts max), but the great thing about this, is that you can run your wattage below the reccomended wattage of your coil. For instance the BVC 1.8 coil is reccomended to run between 10-14w. If you were to run this at 8-9w, you're not only massively extending the life of your coil, but your battery also.

The Innokin T20 Kit:

Who are Innokin you may ask? In our opinion these guys created the starter kit market. Whilst there are companies like Kangertech who really kick started the vaping market, Innokin are the company that defined the starter kit market and really made it simple to learn how to set up and use a starter kit.

This device is one of the most simplistic and affordable starter kits out there - with a simple top fill function and a 1 button operation, it's almost impossible to not understand how to use this device.

Once again as with the Aspire Pockex Kit, this device is now 4 years old - notice a pattern? Again there is a reason these devices still sell today.

As with the Pockex, this device has a 1500mAh battery, more than enough for a days use (even if you are a serial chain-vaper) - it's also compatible with all 50/50 eliquids including freebase nicotine and the all new Salt Nicotine.


I feel like we should have included a pod device in this list, given their (relative) ease of use, this can be considered a 'mid' starter kit, given as how some (not all) pod systems are a little more hands on, and a little more technical but that does not take away from their impressive ease of use.

The Lost Vape Orion Go/Plus:

First and foremost, we must discuss the filling method on this device. Lost Vape definitely got this right when designing this device. It's a simple screw on top of the pod, when removed this leaves a huge cavity to fill up with your favourite juice.

The way this device handles pod changes also is exquisite. A gnurled switch on the side releases the pod, which you then dispose of - then you just pop a fresh one on! 

This has gotten slightly more complicated on the newer Lost Vape Orion Plus (the plus pods have removable coils), but even then the coil is a simple press-fit design.

Featuring 3 power options (with the ability to program your own using the e-scribe software), the lost vape orion family is without a doubt one of the most famous pod systems ever made.

The Dotmod Dot AIO SE:

This is a high-end device manufacturer, who've taken the decision to release a device for the masses, and we're fine with that!

Dotmod are renowned for releasing notoriously expensive devices, but none of that is present here. An affordable yet suprememly made device is now available.

The main reason I own one of these is down to the 18650 battery you'll need to put in one of these. In my opinion there is nothing worse than having your battery die, then having to wait for it to charge before use.

None of that here! Simply whack in a fresh charged battery and you're good to go!

They're also compatible with not only their own DotAio coils, but the Aspire Nautilus coils also (providing you install the included coil adapter).

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