STOP The Ban on Flavours!

STOP The Ban on Flavours!

In recent months, the UK government has been revisiting discussions surrounding a complete ban of disposable vapes, a measure they hope will prevent sales to minors and combat youth vaping. 

It was announced in January that the ban will take place, with further concerns that the next step could involve a complete flavour ban for vape liquids or e-liquids.

In the bid to stop the rise of so-called youth vaping, the UK government will be looking into making regulations to not only restrict vape flavours but also make packaging plain and put heavy restrictions on how vape products are displayed in shops. This would also cover zero nicotine vape products and all consumer nicotine products, not solely vape related products.

This could be a disaster for many e-liquid manufacturers and dedicated vape stores as they are considering options like reducing the affordability of vapes and including a new duty.

In a nutshell this will mean:

  • A complete ban on single use disposable vape products.
  • A limitation on names to make products less appealing.
  • Plain packaging and products potentially being hidden from public view, similar to cigarettes. Different regulations could be enforced for dedicated brick and mortar vape stores.
  • Restrictions on flavours, this will have a HUGE impact as the restriction will potentially allow only  menthol and tobacco flavours, this could deter people from even trying vaping as a means of smoking cessation. Vaping is a proven way to stop smoking and avoid the toxins of tobacco leading to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Non nicotine containing products like shortfills could end up being regulated under the same rules as the current TPD legislation, that applies to nicotine containing 10ml liquids and will also become age restricted items.

There may be points that some agree with, but in the main for the everyday vaper and those looking to kick the smoking habit this could have a devastating knock on effect.

Maybe they should look into doing things a little differently, such as licensing premises that sell these products to keep the dedicated guys who have the knowledge on the items and the rules surrounding them,  like official outlets rather than market stalls and convenience stores flooding the market with what have been found in many cases to be illegal products.

We would appreciate it if you guys could take a few minutes to fill out the following petition to have our say with the government banning flavours in the UK.

Thanks in advance for taking your time to read this.


All the guys at The Ace Of Vapez.

Petition: Don’t ban flavoured e-liquids for e-cigarettes

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