Vape Battery Safety Guide

Vape Battery Safety Guide

This battery safety guide is to ensure that you are storing your batteries correctly, charging them as intended and disposing of them in an ideal way.

Batteries such as the 18650, 21700 or 26650 may seem safe and totally harmless but you may be surprised to know that not looking after the battery as they should be used could cause the worst-case scenario and explode!

Our recommendations on battery safety:

  • One way you could shorten the battery life or cause the battery to burn is something you may be guilty of; Just throwing loose batteries in the drawer or in my work bag when not in use. That’s harmless you may think but something as simple could be dangerous. If you have any keys, coins, metal pens or anything conductive such as the zip could potentially short the battery causing it to burn or maybe worse. Please ensure you always keep your loose batteries in the cases they are supplied in.
  • Another thing we ask customers not to do is to charge batteries through the USB port on the mod. There are manufacturers who say this is completely safe however for extra caution we do advise removing the batteries from the mod and using an appropriate charger such as a wall charger. Please ensure you do not leave the batteries unattended and remove them from the charger once the battery is fully charged. 
  • Checking the battery wrap and the insulator disc regularly is important to keep in mind. This is due to the battery wrap overheating and possibly shrinking over the outer edges of the negative and positive points. When you get a chance just give the battery a look over, and make sure there is no damage to either the wrap or the insulator. If any nicks or chunks are missing, it’s time to replace them. As long as there is no further damage to the cell it’s fine to get yourself a new insulator disc and battery wrap.


Good Vape Battery Example | The Ace of VapezBad Vape Battery Example | The Ace of Vapez


The above images are an example of a good wrap (on the left) and another image of the insulator and a damaged wrap (on the right) which is exposing the insulator and a little of the cell's bare metal outer.

How to dispose of vape batteries:

When disposing of batteries please use a recycling point, retailers who sell batteries including all supermarkets will offer this service and have recycling points in store. Please DO NOT throw away in the general waste bin as this will cause fires when the rubbish is thrown into a landfill site. You can visit any of our The Ace of Vapez stores to recycle your vape battery. Find your nearest store here.

If you would like more information you can contact our customer service team or visit our stores to speak to our highly trained staff. Be safe guys!


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