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Voom Pro PCC Kit#

by Voom

PLEASE NOTE: This item is for the Voom Pro charging case ONLY. No Pod system is enclosed.

The VOOM Pro PCC Kit is a super delicate portable device with convenient operations. It comes with a 1200mAh PCC and 320mAh battery Starter Kit to provide you with all the vaping you need all day long. It is also features magnetic lock, easily insert a VOOM pod to use. Together with the convenient charging box and 1.2ml cartridge, it is absolutely the perfect choice for you.

Brand: VOOM

Main Features:

  1. 1200mAh PCC with Starter for all day vaping
  2. Easily insert a VOOM pod to use, with magnetic lock
  3. 360° smooth edges textured & gentle grip

Product Type: PCC Kit  

Physical Parameter:


Battery: 1200mah

Color: Black, Gold

Packing list:

1 x 320mah battery

1 x Refillable Pod

1 x 1200mah pocket charger

1 x USB type C cable

1 x USB charging dock