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Sweet Temptations Selection Box 3x100ml


Don't hold back with these brand new scrumptious Sweet Temptations shortfill e-liquid. Each pack includes 3 mouth-watering flavours you need to try. You might even recognise them. 

Dippin Donuts Blueberry Doughnut, it's just like biting into a doughnut with the blueberry jam oozing out with a soft sweet aftertaste. This 100ml shortfill is what you need to satisfy your tastebuds.

Mrs Slithery Angel Slice, sweet and heavenly. Fulfill your cake needs with this mouthwatering Angle slice in the form of an e-liquid. 

Ping! Uncle Berties Crispy Apple Pie, hot from the oven*. Enjoy one of the nation's favourite dessert in the form of an e-liquid. Sweet apples with a pie like taste, all you'll miss is the soft crunch. You wouldn't want to miss out.


  • 3 x 120ml bottles
  • 3 x 100ml e-liquid 
  • 80/20 VG/PG