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Mad Rabbit Low Res Wire - Low Res SS 20g#


Mad Rabbit's goal is to provide high quality wire and other accessories at discounted prices.

We offer four different kinds of wire:


  • 2. Nichrome 80 – Nichrome 80 series resistance wire is composed of 20% Chromium and ~80% Nickel. This wire is extremely low resistance. The thinner gauges of this wire are often used for the “outside” wire on many types of Clapton coils. Nichrome 80 also heats and colors extremely well often making it a favorite for photographers.


  • 3. Nichrome  90 – Nichrome 90 will heat up noticeably faster than Kanthal wire and is great for cloud chasing and those going for flavor. The ohms per foot are just a little bit higher compared to Stainless steel wire.


  • 4. Stainless Steel – The taste from stainless steel is one of the most crisp and clean out of any wire. It is not recommended to be used in wattage mode unless the resistance in ohms can be locked on the device. Mechanical mod users can use this wire,  knowledge of ohm’s law, and proper safety for sub ohm devices should be well understood. The resistance of this wire is extremely low. This product is not for beginners. This product was intend for advanced users only.

All of their wire is Annealed which increases it’s ductility and makes it more workable.

What kind of wire should you use? It’s a personal preference. It just depends on what you like.