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FLVRHAUS VG/PG Just Add Mix Kits

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Do you like to mix your own juices?

We now sell an extensive range of VG/PG Kits and Concentrates for you to get your mix on!

250ml Bottle When mixed with shots and concentrate will make 200ml of liquid.

VG/PG Kits

  • 80/20 170ml VG to make 0mg 200ml  - No nic shots required!
  • 80/20 150ml VG to make 1.5mg 200ml  - Add 2x15mg Nic Shots
  • 80/20 130ml VG to make 3mg 200ml  - Add 4x15mg Nic Shots
  • 80/20 90ml VG to make 6mg 200ml - Add 8x15mg Nic Shots