Understanding The Different E-Cigarettes

Understanding The Different E-Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are growing in popularity as a better alternative to smoking. More and more people are switching to vaping due to the reduced impact it has on your health. If you’re hoping to switch to e-cigarettes, there can be a lot to get your head around.

From the different types of e-cigarettes to the different products needed to make sure they work properly, it may seem overwhelming to a beginner. So, if you’re hoping to learn a little more about vaping, here is a starter guide to give you some help!

Starter Kits
E-cigarette starter kits are great for someone who wants to quit smoking as they can help you kick the habit. Starter kits will often include all the equipment you need, including a charging cable, a vape stand, spare drip tips and user manuals to get you started. They are the perfect choice if you’re new to vaping.

Refillable E-Cigarettes
The refillable option is great as it allows you to refill the device easily, and have a longer battery life than some disposable e-cigarette options. You simply just need to purchase e-liquid to refill with, and vape away. Choose from lots of different vaping flavours to find your favourite, or switch between a few to enjoy your vape experience fully.

“Mods” are also known as an advanced personal vaporiser and are available in a number of different shapes and sizes. They are also available with a range of options that can be customised for you. Mod starter kits will come with different coil options to help you control the way the device works, and some will have an electronic display to help you monitor your mod.

These customisable mods mean that you can get much more out of your e-cigarette, but make sure you understand the different tank sizes as not all tanks are compatible with every device.

If you’re new to vaping, you may not have heard of atomisers before. Atomisers are a device that create mist from the liquid. The two popular types are RDA and RTA. An RDA is a re-buildable dripping atomiser, created for custom-built coils.

They require building the coil, providing intense flavour and make it easier to switch liquids. However, they do require a little more knowledge and confidence when using!

An RTA is a re-buildable tank atomiser and use a pressurised tank system that sends the liquid to the coils.

If you’re hoping to invest in your first e-cigarette, hopefully this has given you some extra knowledge to get you started!

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