Quit Smoking and Claim Your FREE Disposable!

Quit Smoking and Claim Your FREE Disposable!

If you are looking to quit smoking this is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge now. Why? well, we (The Ace of Vapez) are working closely with Voopoo on their newest 1 for 1 scheme( Voopoo are one of the biggest vaping brands out there, if you know you know).

What is the Voopoo 1 for 1 scheme?

There are many articles about how to quit smoking and the benefits of quitting, but the reality is that everyone’s not the same. Quitting cold turkey could be a simple choice for some but not others.  

That’s why this 1 for 1 scheme has been put in place to help people who smoke cigarettes to quit with an alternative.

The percentage of people transitioning to vaping is increasing year by year. The vision for this 1 for 1 and many more schemes is to create a cigarette smoke-free environment. We have noticed the sales volume of cigarettes decreasing year by year hence why tobacco companies are and will continue increasing the costs of a cigarette pack.

What are Voopoo Zovoo Dragbar 600 Disposables? 

Voopoo has created a new and exciting disposable range called Zovoo Dragbar 600. This new disposable vape has approximately 600 vapour puffs. It’s a single-use disposable, perfect for on the go. No need to charge or change the e-liquid. To operate the dragbar simply inhale. Once the battery life has died out or the vape e-liquid has finished, simply dispose of the disposable. 

The disposable is available in different mouth-watering flavours, you’ve got the choice to pick your preferred flavour (dependent on the stock in-store). Each dragbar includes 2ml e-liquid with 20mg nicotine. 

1 for 1 Voopoo Zovoo Disposable

How to get a FREE disposable?

  1. Visit one of The Ace of Vapez shops on the 19th March 2022. Find your nearest shop here.
  2. Hand over an unlit cigarette to a member of staff saying “I quit
  3. Choose your desired flavoured disposable 
  4. Open, enjoy and start your vape journey!

We will hold this once every month*

The next steps to vaping…

Once you’ve completed the course of your Voopoo Zovoo disposable vape what will be your next steps to a cigarette-free lifestyle? 

You could stick to using disposables as we have many amazing offers on a different array of brands. Click here to view our disposable collections

On the other hand, you could move over to a vape kit best suited for you. Voopoo has an array of spectacular vape kits that you could transition to after you feel like you are ready to move away from disposables. Shop Voopoo Vape kits here. 

Unless you’re interested in any other brands we have starter kits, direct to lung kits (DTL) or pod systems. Read our vaping for beginners blog here for more information. 

We are here when you are ready to make the change. Vaping is a choice, vaping is a lifestyle. 

Do you have any questions about vaping? 

Contact our support team if you have any further questions or visit your local The Ace of Vapez store. Find your nearest store here. Stay connected and follow our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Make sure you're up to date with the latest products and the only way you can ensure that happens is to regularly check in on our coming soon and new in page. We also have a clearance page full of products we won’t be getting any more of. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the latest vaping products.



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