New In - 16 Bit 100ml

New In - 16 Bit 100ml

Are you ready for a rush of nostalgia? 16 Bit, our brand new shortfill e-liquid will be sure to take you back to the ’90s. 5 new flavours each with a game-themed name to entice your retro gaming era and bring back some good old memories. 

Did you know it’s also National Video Game day? We know it mainly originates from America but it’s a national day we can’t miss out on! Celebrate by treating yourself with our new 16 Bit e-liquid range. When you buy 1 Wizvapour Mini Beeper you get 1 x 16 Bit 100ml FREE! Or Buy 1 bottle of 16 Bit and get 1 half price! Which flavours will you pick? Check out the flavours down below. 

It’s time to dust off your old video games and soak up some good old nostalgia. What’s your favourite arcade video game? 

My Favourite video game has got to be Mario World and ODDWORLD: Abe’s Oddysee. Our Graphic Designers' favourite arcade game is Street Fighter! What a classic! I’ve also asked our Lab Manager and his favourite arcade video game from that era is without a doubt Street Fighter 2, closely followed by Sonic The Hedgehog and Gran Turismo, although the list would go on and on as there were so many classics at the time with the latest consoles coming out and taking over home entertainment.

Check out the 16 Bit flavours:


Go and slay with dragon fruit, juicy guava and a serious twist of lime! While you're deep in battle this has just the right amount of ice to keep you cool. 16 bit conquest lets you take control!


A flavour that isn't going to crash and burn, just heat up on your coil! A real tantalising apple gummy, some jelly strawberries and a few slices of a cool kiwi. 16 bit crash avoids all obstacles in its path!


You've made it! Progressed to the next level, feels great eh? It's time to tantalise the taste buds before moving on. Candied blueberry works so well with pink satin pomegranate, so well in fact the only way to top it was with a yummy bubblegum. 16 bit nxt level gets you prepared to take on the world!


It's time to take control, override dared to be different! Bananas from Hawaii, blood oranges from the U.S, alphonso mangoes from India and just a bit of ice. A decision that just worked. 16 bit override, perfect when it's time to step up!


As the phrase goes, revenge is sweet, only this has a bite! sweet yet tart apricot with quite a punchy grapefruit, some chunks of syrupy pineapple to eliminate any bitterness and very subtle ice on the inhale. 16 bit revenge, get in game mode and plan that attack.


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