Choosing Your Favourite Vape Flavour

Choosing Your Favourite Vape Flavour

Picking your favourite vape flavour can be a difficult one, especially when there’s so much choice out there. After all, do you stick with your go-to flavour, or do you risk trying something completely new? If you’re looking for some advice on choosing your next favourite vape flavour, we’ve got a brief guide to help you make a decision.

Your first choice is an important one; sweet or savoury? This can determine your whole vape experience, so think carefully. Have you got a sweet tooth? Or would you rather indulge in a savoury flavour instead?

Sweet Tooth
The Ace of Vapez liquid range includes a huge array of flavours for you to choose from, including an extensive collection of sweet flavours. Our Just Jam Raspberry Doughnuts flavour and Candy Corner Blueberry Bon Bon flavour are perfect for getting your fix when it comes to sweet tastes.

Just Jam Doughnut E Liquid

From flavours reminiscent of bakewell tarts to fruit-based ideas and even liquids created with milkshake flavours, there’s a huge collection to satisfy your sweet tooth.

If they’re a little sickly for you, Cloudy Lemonade or Kola Tip Top might be a better choice. At The Ace of Vapez, our collection caters for every taste.

Refreshing and surprising, flavours like Red Wolf Astaire are suggestive of Ouzo mixed with fruits and a cherry twist. Yoda Snot may not sound particularly appealing, but its lemon and lime jelly tells a different story.

Savoury Flavours
If you prefer savoury flavours or you want a minty kick, you won’t be disappointed. The Dough Bros Coffee flavour kills two cravings in one, similar to the Coffee Cake flavour by Mad Rabbit.

Our range of menthol flavours are simple but effective. We cater for those in between tastes too; Crystal Mist offers a unique blend of raspberries infused with black cherries and menthol, while Lemon Dream has a sweet side with a zesty finish.

So, whether you want to stick to your favourites or you’d prefer to try something new, you’ll find a huge choice with The Ace of Vapez liquids. You can also choose the strength and measurement that you would prefer.

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