6 Liquids You Should Try

6 Liquids You Should Try
With there being so many different flavours of vape liquids now available it can be overwhelming when trying to figure out which you should give a go. We've assembled just six of the best, most popular vape flavours that you must try.

1. Blackberry Crumble by Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady Eliquid won the prize for best stand at the 2016 Vaper Expo in Birmingham. The interesting flavour blends that they offer are novel, yet tap into tastes that we all know and love; their Blackberry Crumble flavour will resonate with people across the UK and brings the delicious and traditional dessert to our vapes. A must-try for those who always have pudding.

2. Lemon Dream by Indulge

Lemon Dream is a take on the lemon sponge cake, offering a sugar-coated and zesty lemon flavour that reminds you of the light and fluffy sponge. Not at all sour, and most definitely a delicious treat, making this flavour fit for lemon cake lovers.

3. Coffee Cake By Mad Rabbit

One of the premier vape juices you can get, coffee cake by Mad Rabbit Eliquids is an amazing combination of deep-roasted coffee flavours and baked goods, carrying with it a pleasantly sweetened taste.

4. Original Vanilla Custard by The Custard Company

Vanilla Custard brings the sweet and smooth taste that you expect, carrying the distinct and sweet flavours of vanilla along with the creamy custard themes. The Custard Company have been developing this flavour for over three years in order to bring an authentic tasting juice that closely meets the flavours of vanilla and custard.

5. Vimto by Poison

This flavour absolutely does taste like Vimto. This amazing 50/50 blended eliquid has been crafted to match the taste of this old-school drink. It carries a lasting after-taste with all of the juicy taste of the classic grape-flavoured beverage.

6. Black Mist by Surreal Vapes

This unique flavour carries a predominant taste of ripe, juicy blackcurrants but is infused with subtle undertones of mint. Don't be put off by the unorthodox flavours; Surreal Vapes have been expertly crafting unique vape flavours and boast a range of exciting and interesting Eliquids.

And many, many more!

Since the advent of vaping, the range of flavours and styles available have absolutely exploded, so it's worth browsing and trying new flavours all the time — everyone's tastes are different, but there's something for everybody. Have a browse of our Ace of Vapez store to peruse the hundreds of vape eliquid flavours that are on offer.

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